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essential oil holder

Essential Oil Holder For 35 Bottles

The frustration and worries that your essential oils may get damaged is finally a thing of the past. Your essential oil storage case is specially made of UV-filtering materials that add a superior layer of protection while being lightweight.

So, whether you are traveling or camping, this case not only protects your bottles from breakage but also from damaging UV light, ensuring your oils longevity. This case is made with BPA-free plastic without any smelly chemical odor – it lets you focus on indulging in your favorite aromas wherever you go.

Storage For 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml Essential Bottles

With our Essential Oils Hard Case you can have your most trusted oils at your disposal for any contingency. Its 35 ingeniously designed cubbies hold 5ml, 10ml and 15ml bottles in place to prevent jostling and damage.

Our patent-pending diffuser oil holder features 33 unique jewel stands that store bottles at uniform heights. It includes 2 jewel stand tools for easy adjustment of the stands, as well as essential oil bottle stickers for marking and identifying oils.

essential oil bottles


Lighter than wooden case


UV-filtering & shockproof


Impact-resistant material


No smelly chemical odor

Essential Oil Holder For Work & Home

Feel true freedom when it comes to essential oil use! Whether you use essential oils to de-stress or foster a relaxing atmosphere for a massage, having ALL your aromatherapy oils at hand is finally a reality. The removable lid gives you the option of open access to your collection, so store it on a shelf or in a drawer.

As your assortment grows, you can add another GPG2 Essential Oil Case to enjoy the space-saving and stackable benefits of these expertly impact-resistant cases.

35 Storage Compartments

All 5ml, 10ml & 15ml essential oil bottles from the following major brands fit in the GPG2 Essential Oils Case and the max size bottle is 28.5mm x 85.5mm.


Edens Garden

Young Living

Rocky Mountain Oils

Plant Therapy

Many Others

Essential Oil Container & Organizer


Fits bottles of most popular oil brands.



Hard shell cover protects from breakage.


Lay-flat carry handle designed for travel.

Whether you are an essential oil enthusiast who collects oils for your diffuser at home or a professional distributor, or a massage therapist you will discover these 3 unique features in your GPG2 Essential Oil Case. It’s a masterfully designed travel and storage case with an ingenious system for displaying your variety of essential oils, making them incredibly easy to see, locate and select.

As an essential oil connoisseur, you desire the perfect storage solution to organize, protect, and transport all of your fine oil collection. This case incorporates an innovative design accommodating many different bottle sizes while keeping them all accessible.

Essential Oil holder

Essential Oil Case with Handle

Your lifelong journey will undoubtedly include a wide array of essential oils, and they stay with you wherever you go. Your oils will be superiorly protected and accessible when traveling, and the jewel stands ensure all of your oil bottles stay in the same and secure position, preventing the likelihood of leaking into their covers or the case.

The dual snap locks the lid firmly into place for safe-keeping during transit, while the lay-flat carry handle stabilizes and balances the weight.

  • Made of UV-filtering polypropylene plastic
  • Dual snap locks hold it securely closed
  • Holds 35 bottles of essential oils supplied by you
  • Jewel stands hold all bottles at the same height
  • Includes 2 jewel stand tools for easy adjustment
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free and food-safe materials
  • Includes self-adhesive bottle top ID stickers

Storage Solution For Essential Oil Collection

The lid can be detached and nested under the essential oil case for instant access to your entire oil collection.Your GPG2 Essential Oil Case is the smartest choice for organizing and carrying your essential oils, no matter the brand or size.

The jewel stands keep all bottles at the same height, making even your smallest bottles easily accessible and the included 200 bright colored cap labels make identification and selection easy.

essential oil organizer
Essential Oil Case

One Neat & Safe Place for All Your Essential Oil Bottles

The GPG2 Essential Oil Case holds 35 bottles of essential oils, all nested neatly into their own jewel stand which gives the versatility of every compartment to custom fit 5ml, 10ml, 15ml bottles.

This transforms the way you store your ever-changing essential oil collection without any reshaping or pre-cut hole problems and it even holds the square bottles. This hard-shell essential oil holder provides stronger protection and it is lightweight and easily carried around or transported in luggage.

essential oil case for gift

Share Your World of Aromatherapy

Surprise friends and family members that use aromatherapy with the unique & and functional GPG2 Essential Oil Case. You will be giving them a memorable gift that keeps their collection of essential oils organized and protected!

Customer Reviews

I’ve tried a lot of oil cases in my day, more than I would like to admit. But I was beyond thrilled when I got this case because of the versatility of every slot! My oil collection is constantly changing and each slot in this case can easily adjust to fit a 5ml, 10ml, 15ml bottle size, while being uniform in height, it is absolutely brilliant! It’s a perfect case for travel or grab-and-go situations because your oils don’t fall out of their slots, it’s hard-sided but light, easily cleanable if oils do leak and lots of compartments means lots of oils to bring with you. Bonus(es): case is easily stackable & cap stickers.


Verified Purchase

I have been searching for a good case to store my oils in and I think I have found it. The case seems sturdy and I imagine it will be easy to clean especially since it can go in the dishwasher. I love how the top can snap off and nest into the bottom to store in a drawer or on the counter for easy access. It fits 5 ml, 15 ml, and my 10 ml roller balls. It seems like my 5 ml bottles sit a little lower than the others but I do not see this being an issue. The handle makes it easy to carry from one place to another. I have been wanting to get cap stickers for my bottles so this came as a nice bonus!


Verified Purchase

I have a variety of travel & storages cases, but this is my first plastic class–I am more than impressed! The first thing I noticed was the quality of the packaging and actual case itself. With a clean design, you can store a variety of bottle sizes (I use 5ML + 15ML) along with rollers. The case tightly keeps all bottles and place and securely snaps which is great to ensure no tipping or spilling. This case has ample storage but is compact for travel. Easy to see all oils at a glance and I love that there is even UV protection. If I’m camping or traveling with oils in the car, I can ensure they will be kept safe. 


Verified Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hold Young Living & doTERRA essential oil bottles?

Yes! All 5ml, 10ml, 10ml & 15ml essential oil bottles, as well as roller bottles, from the following major brands fit in the GPG2 Essential Oils Case:

  • doTERRA
  • Young Living
  • Plant Therapy
  • Edens Garden
  • Rocky Mountain Oils

The max size bottle is 28.5mm x 85.5mm.

Does it hold Young Living & doTERRA essential oil bottles?

Yes! All 5ml, 10ml, 10ml & 15ml essential oil bottles, as well as roller bottles, from the following major brands fit in the GPG2 Essential Oils Case:

  • doTERRA
  • Young Living
  • Plant Therapy
  • Edens Garden
  • Rocky Mountain Oils

The max size bottle is 28.5mm x 85.5mm.

Does this essential oil case fit square bottles?

Yes, if you remove the Jewel Stand. It is design to rotate or remove to fit various sizes of bottles.

Is the outer shell sturdy and safe be stacked?

Unlike common soft foam essential oil cases that can fall over when stacked together, ours is made from durable food grade plastic that can be stacked together securely protecting you’re your essential oils from breakage and all bottles are stored vertically so your 10ml roller bottles do not leak.


What is the length and width of the outside case in inches?

Length 8.85”
Width 6.7”
Depth 3.75”

How does it hold 5,10, & 15ml bottles?

The individual Jewel Stand can be flipped over to accommodate 5, 10, or 15 ml essential bottles.

Is this essential oil case portable?

Yes, it has a convenient and sturdy handle and all of the oils stay in place while carried.